Hello and welcome to the Costello for Congress website!

I consider it a privilege and honor to represent the people of the 12th congressional district of Illinois in the United States Congress.

The people of our area cannot travel to Washington, D.C. every week to engage in issues that have a direct impact on them, their families and communities. Therefore, they rely on me to be their eyes, ears and voice to represent them.

It is a very difficult job to represent the interest of over 650,000 people. However, I have and will continue to do my very best to do what I believe is in the best interest of the people of our area, state and this great nation.

Many office holders, politicians and candidates make many pledges and promises. I make just one! That promise is to work hard, listen to the people who sent me to Washington, stay in touch and to do the best job I possibly can for the people I represent.

I hope that you will take a few minutes to review the pages of my website to learn more about me, how I feel about certain issues and some of the very difficult challenges we face as a nation.

While we face many difficult challenges, there is not a challenge that we cannot overcome or resolve by working together. We are and will continue to be the greatest country in the world if everyone does their part.

If you want to become active in our campaign, please let us know. If you can help by making a financial contribution, please do so as every campaign is very expensive.

I appreciate your interest and welcome your help.


Member of Congress

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